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When John Ashurst, the heritage conservationist from Bournemouth University visited St. Raphael's recently, he described the ashlar-facing masonry as "of the finest workmanship" and the edifice itself as "the best monument of its type in Canada".

In 1970, a fire, natural in origin, consumed the church leaving only bare stone walls. The walls were later stabilized by the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

Open-air concerts were held regularly until 1992 when the fall of a single stone forced the temporary closing of the site.

St. Raphael's Ruins

In 1970 a fire consumed the church of St. Raphael's, one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in English-speaking Canada. Fortunately the outer walls were spared and today its impressive scale and fine masonry work continue to attract the tourists to the site. The Ruins were declared a National Historic Site in 1999.

Visitors are welcome to tour the site. Gates are open during the day in the summer months with a curator on duty in July and August..

No charge but free will donations are gratefully accepted.

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